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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Oak Hill Feeding Program...

Welcome to the Oak Hill Fainting Goat blog!  Until now, I've blogged about the goats on the critter blog http://carrieeastman.blogspot.com/  As I get more and more questions about the goats, I decided to branch out and do an exculsive blog. 
For this first post, I figured the basic feeding program is a great place to start.  Our goats get unlimited grass or grass/clover hay. Our hay is raised locally without chemicals or preservatives.
Our goats also get Dynamite Complete Pelleted Grain Ration and some black oil sunflower seeds.
We offer several free-choice supplements: Dynamite 1-1 and 2-1 calcium/phosphorus, Dynamite Izmine, Dynamite NTM salt, and finally baking soda.
Our goats also get Dynamite Excel in their feed every day for gut health.
We use Dynamite Herbal Tonic once or twice annually to cleanse the liver (not during pregnancy).  Note:  some ingredients of Herbal Tonic are historically known to repel or kill parasites.  
Also, our goats get Waiora Natural Cellular Defense to remove heavy metals a couple time a year during their Herbal Tonic cleanse. 
During breeding, pregnancy and lactation, I use a pinch of Regular Formula Dynamite (found in the Horse products) 6 days/week.  That is for goats of 40# to 80#.
During the resting season and for the whethers, I offer Dynamite V/M Mix For Browsers & Grazers.
You can also feed Dynamite Exotics Plus daily during resting season and to whethers. 
You can find all the Dynamite products at www.dynamitemarketing.com/carrieeastman  You can find Natural Cellular Defense at www.mywaiora.com/992799

I personally buy organic products when possible. However, the process of becoming certified organic can be expensive and time-consuming. Some producers of excellent chemical-free products choose to forgo certification.

For example, many Waiora and Dynamite products are not certified organic, yet are excellent products with healthy ingredients.

Additonally, there have been manufacturers abusing the organic label. Thankfully, this is uncommon. Still, the possibility is there.

Organic producers are also at the mercy of the environment. Rain and air both contain chemicals, and many soils contain contaminants. So a grain or hay certified organic may still have chemicals from passing airplanes, heavy metals or other contaminants.

Another reason for chemical-free is that there are times when extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. I would reach for a chemical, if it was the best chance of saving my animal's life. When I deworm an animal that muscle-tested positive for parasites, if the only item that clears the parasite point is a chemical dewormer, I would use the dewormer, then follow it with Dynamite Miracle Clay or Excel, Waiora Natural Cellular Defense and Dynamite DynaPro for several days.

The bottom line for me is know your producers, buy locally when possible, and learn to muscle test. Organic is usually your safer choice, and other excellent choices also exist.  I will post in the future about muscle testing.

Carrie  Eastman


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