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Thursday, August 18, 2011

At the South Mountain Fair...

 So here we are at the South Mountain Fair!
The fair gave us a great spot in the goat tent, facing the foot traffic.  We've had lots of visitors, and lots of questions about myotonic goats.
The Oak Hill pens
Our display - great end spot in the tent

Folks can help themselves to fliers about the Dynamite goat products, take a business card (or 3) and flip through the Oak Hill photo album.  I've had many requests to make the goats faint, so I'm glad I included a photo of the herd falling down.
Dynamite fliers & the Oak Hill photo album
  The first day all 3 goats were pretty nervous about all the people, baby strollers, balloons, tractors and cattle!  Now they have settled in, and while they still aren't thrilled with baby strollers, they are taking the rest in stride.  Harley in particular has become a real ambassador for the breed.  I take her out for strolls around the livestock area, greeting children and answering questions about the breed.  Several children have adopted her, and return to the pens over and over to visit, pet, scratch and cajole goat kisses.
Harley & Carlotta "Where's lunch?"

Tonka napping in the sun
Tonka has been a bit frisky, and has taken to head-butting hands that reach into his pen to touch his head.

Last night we got to show in the open classes.  We were the only goats entered in the doe classes, and up against some Pygmy goats in the buck classes.  It was fun to have some ribbons to hang on the pens, and I was so proud of all 3 goats.  They handled the ring and the judging wonderfully, and no one fell down!  Harley is a little ham, and took to posing naturally.

Open Breeding Goats, Other Breeds - Bucks

Open Breeding Goats, Other Breeds - Does

Open Breeding Goats, Other Breeds - Does

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The downside of ear tags...

Bandit and Conan got ear tags before their trip to Canada.  Bandit removed his.
Ear tag removal - the painful way

Bandit chillin' on the deck

Bandit found an oak leaf

Torn ears cannot be stitched due to cartillage damage.  I cleaned up the edges and applied Dynamite Wound Balm to help it heal and keep the flies away.  Now he really does look like a bandit!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Bucklings going to Canada

Conan and Bandit are headed to Canada soon.  Here are some pictures of the boys.


Bandit - "must you really take pictures of my rear???"

Bandit - such a handsome face


Conan - look at that hiney!

Conan - Aaaawwww, he's so cute!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2011 - the herd out grazing

New doeling coming to Oak Hill!

Alice, Poppy, and our new doeling Mystique
Every year, the Oak Hill bucks breed a few carefully-screened outside does. This past year, Cocoa Puff was bred to Twin Harts Alice. I'm a huge fan of the Twin Harts goats, as Elizabeth keeps and breeds only the most correct conformation & the best mothers. She always has a waiting list for her kids. I'm very fortunate to know the owner of Alice, who is out of Kokomo, the best of Elizabeth's does.
So, Alice just had 2 lovely doelings - a red blackbelly and a tricolor peacock. The little peacock girl is coming to be one of our breeding does!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Chickadee & Winky left to kid!

Video of the 2011 kids playing in the field. Challenging to video while adults are mugging for treats and kids are nibbling on my feet...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February buck & doe videos

Just for fun, here are some current videos of the Oak Hill herd. This video is Tonka's reintroduction to the buck herd, now that he is bigger. Tonka is the black/gray/white peacock buck, and he is sparring with Gandalf, while Astro, Cocoa Puff and Dreamer watch.

And the does, a few weeks ago during the snow:

The same does, now 3-5 weeks from kidding:

I'll continue to post updates as kidding approaches. 

Carrie & the goats

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter feeding tips & 2011 show schedule

To maintain weight, think fats. Black oil sunflower seeds and/or roasted soybeans. For soybeans, I use the Dynamite HES extruded soybean pellets. A tiny handful goes a long way. Watch out for GMO soybeans - stick to organic.  https://www.securedcontent.net/dynamite/products_horse_14.html

To maintain body heat, free choice roughage is the best. The roughage generates heat as it breaks down in the body. I prefer grass hays, or grass mixed with alfalfa or clover. I do not feed straight alfalfa because of the high nitrogen, lower fiber content, high protein and the effect on the calcium ratio.

Oats and corn are the most warming grains. I prefer the oats, as so much corn these days is GMO.

I offer a prebiotic/probiotic whenever there is a sudden weather change, or if the animals are otherwise stressed. My preference is Dynamite DynaPro. With other brands, make sure they are labeled pre as well as pro.  https://www.dynamitemarketing.com/content_products.asp?content=products_horse_05.html

I offer electrolyte water in addition to plain water. I always make plain water available. I use Dynamite DynaSpark electrolyte, which has the correct sodium/potassium ratio and a smidge of molasses for taste and energy.   https://www.securedcontent.net/dynamite/products_horse_07.html

2011 Shows - Come & meet some of the Oak Hill herd!

Myotonic Goat Show @ The Pet Expo Reading, PA March 19

Keystone State Fainting Goat Show @ The Pet Expo Reading, PA March 20

South Mountain Fair Arendtsville, PA August 17

South Mountain Myotonic Goat Show @ The South Mountain Fair August 20

For more information on these shows:



2011 kidding
Kids will start arriving in early March.  Stay tuned!