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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why I use Dynamite products for my goats

Why I use Dynamite for my Goats
by Carrie Eastman

The question has been asked many times, in many ways, over the last few years why I feed Dynamite products, especially Dynamite horse products, to my goat.  Goats are ruminants, horses are not.  Goats are browsers, horses are grazers.  Goats have different mineral requirements.  So, in no particular order of important, here are my many reasons:

I trust Dynamite.  Dynamite is a family owned and operated business that has been around for many years. 

I have personally toured the Dynamite feed mill where PGR is manufactured.  The mill is clean and chemical free, and you could eat off the floors.

Dynamite uses amino acid chelated minerals.  You can read more about chelation at www.albionminerals.com Amino acid chelated minerals are the easiest to absorb AND the easiest to flush from the body.  This means that for goats, where excess copper can be toxic, the goats can more easily flush any copper they do not use. 

Dynamite does have products specifically designed for ruminants, and products that are designed for multi-species use. 

All Dynamite products come with a money-back guarantee, even if the entire container is used up first.

I trust Dynamite.  Yes, I said that before.  These days, I feel even more compelled to support a business that I personally have met the majority of the staff, the staff use and love the products they work with, and the company is committed to making and selling only the best.  When Dynamite is deciding whether to bring a product to market, they ask first whether the product will be the best being made, and then what the profit margin will be.  Some products are sold at or near cost, because Dynamite believes in the importance of the product.  That philosophy matters to me.

I have also been asked about feeding trials and lab studies, and about nutrition formulation tailored to goats.  While I believe this is important, I also recognize the pitfalls and shortcomings of clinical trials and lab studies.  Simply observing any process actually affects the process (the oberserver effect).  Feeding trials attempt to isolate a specific nutrient, when in reality, all nutrients have antagonistic and synergistic partners in any biological process.  Feeding trials often also do not take into account the different forms of the minerals.  Rather than attempt to provide an exact balance of vitamins & minerals, tailored just to goats (and really, each goat breed and individual is different), I prefer to provide nutrients free choice and allow the goats to balance themselves, as nature designed.


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